It is my pleasure to address the Great people of our Party on this special day marking the celebration of our 1 year existence as a Party to redefine how politics is played in our country, Nigeria. I salute our National Chairman, Y. Y Sani and his co-founders of this great Party, ADP, who realized the way the traditional parties in Nigeria play politics, lend to corrupt practices, expensive process and thereby in most cases throw up the wrong candidates for elective offices by way of funny manipulations and the highest bidder and not necessarily the best person emerges. Hence, they took time to lay a good foundation for ADP, by putting down a well-crafted Constitution and Party Manifesto to correct these anomalies so as to elect Great Leaders from the people by the people to lead Nigeria to achieve it’s God’s Given Great Potentials and make us a Nation to be respected and loved in the comity of Nations.


The economic structure of the ideal society should resemble the structure of a healthy human body. Production, distribution and consumption should have an organic, interdependent relationship such as that which exists between the digestive, circulatory and metabolic systems of the body. There should not be destructive competition due to overproduction; nor should there be excessive accumulation or overconsumption due to unfair distribution, which would be contrary to the welfare of all the people of Imo State. There should be adequate production of necessary and useful goods, fair distribution to supply what is sufficient for people’s needs, and reasonable consumption in harmony with the purpose of the whole State.


At ADP, we want to inspire the people of Imo State to develop and move forward. At the initial stance, ADP believes that the people of Imo State should be the “owners” of their own development, seeking necessary assistance through partnerships to develop our State. ADP encourages the people of Imo State to think like this:

 “We” the people of Imo State will be responsible for our own development and destiny. “We” can achieve Sustainable Development which is Inspired by the Whole World, including “We”, who make a part of Nigeria that is a member state of the United Nations, through “Who We Are” (Our Determination) and “What We Do” (Our Actions).


ADP will work with strategic partners to address the issues of peace, social, environmental and economic development.






“We” the people of Imo State will be responsible for our own development and destiny.

“We” can achieve Sustainable Development which is Inspired by the Whole World, including “We”, through “Who We Are” (Our Determination) and “What We Do” (Our Actions).  



As the ADP candidate for Imo State, my position is that whatever action taken should see immediate tangible social and economic development benefits. Our people cannot continue to be spectators of other people’s prosperity. It is not sufficient to have so many young people in hopeless situation whilst we say we are developing. After all, true development is supposed to make tangible, practical and positive changes in the lives of citizens of Imo State.


I want to pay a particular attention to Power and Infrastructure. Without constant electricity, there can be no true development. We cannot develop in the dark. I will see to it that we develop investment proposals for Power and Infrastructure and identify project finance for them. We can create tremendous amount of jobs through Power and Infrastructure Projects in Imo State. For many years, our people are left without electricity, yet we produce oil and gas. Under ADP, we will ensure that Power and Infrastructure are put into place and that they will support our plans for State Security, Healthcare/ Hospitals, Information Technology, Training and Education, Agriculture, among others.


I have been speaking widely for Imo State and her people about Jobs, Security, Healthcare, and Sustainable energy, such as Solar Energy to support our industries. I have been speaking about Food Security through Agriculture and about Building State Infrastructure. We need to revitalize this State.


In fact, a key area of our emphasis will be Security. We will work with the police and the communities to make Imo State very secure so that businesses, homes and communities can feel safe to go about their businesses in the State. Personal Security is so important that it cannot be under-estimated at all. We will look into the possibility of establishing a Peace and Security Council for the State, but without duplicating efforts of law enforcement agencies we already have in place.


To do these things we need to develop the skill set of our people, especially our youths. Skills development (formal or informal), education, gender and social welfare has to tie to creating jobs so that people will have income. So it is important to help our young ones to do something good with their lives, for example, by emphasizing Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and cooperative trading organizations. Technical education for entrepreneurs and self-employment or community employment in for example, e-Agriculture and ways to use technology for food security; solar energy infrastructure; construction of homes, schools and markets; construction of waste management for a clean and healthy environment; building water and sanitation systems; and management training to carry out the functions of leadership and accountability for good governance, as well as marketing, human resources management and technology.


Under my leadership and administration with the Action Democratic Party (ADP), Imo State is destined to see tangible social and economic development. It is not longer sufficient for us to have so many young people in hopeless situation whilst we say we are developing. After all, true development is supposed to make tangible, practical and positive changes in the lives of our citizens – the individuals, the families, the communities and the environment which make up our Great State of Imo.


For me personally as the ADP candidate for the Governorship of Imo State, I want to see us take action on key areas, which will immediately begin to improve the lives of individuals, families, communities and the environment. I stress these four points again:


  • Individuals;
  • Families;
  • Communities; and
  • The environment


What could be more important than these? What is development about? Is it not to show improvement in these four areas? Is development not for us to have a happy population that live in clean and pleasant environment? For me personally, it is.


But how can we achieve this? Well the answer lies with us: We the People of Imo State.


We will tap into Our 4Ms:


  • Manpower;
  • Materials;
  • Management and


The question is how to organize our activities so that we use our Manpower, Materials, Management and Money to improve Individuals’ lives, Families Lives, Our Community and Our Environment.


Let us talk for a moment about Money. Money is not our problem. Our problem has been the mismanagement of money, lack of accountability of public funds and lack of good governance. It is not how much money you have but how you use money that counts. We will set up Imo State Office of Management and Budget to run the State’s financial management information systems to help us with financial risks and controls. This will help us manage the State’s income and receivables, expenditure and payables, payroll, fixed assets, cash and social services.


We will develop investment proposals to attract investment into Imo State. For example, we will develop our private sector by working with the International Finance Corporation to come and provide finance for projects across the sectors we consider vital, such as the ones we have mentioned in the areas of Power, including Solar and Sustainable Energy, Infrastructure, Security, Healthcare, Food Security through Agriculture and Education.


ADP is confident. We are confident because what we are saying, rings in the hearts and minds of the people of Imo State. We are confident because we know we can deliver what we are saying working hand in hand with our people.


Across the world, especially in the industrialized countries of United States, Western Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea, amongst others, there is something known as Vital Statistics. Vital Statistics are national statistics about birth, marriage and passing on. However, I always ask why are vital statistics called ‘Vital’. It is because they each require money to give a human being dignity. Be it birth, marriage or passing on; they require money, funds. So creating income for our young people through employment will enable them to have dignity. So our programs will center on jobs creation.


Speaking of Vital Statistics, under ADP, we will institute an effective Imo State ID to capture information about our citizens. In the United States, the government uses Social Security Number. In the UK, the government uses National Insurance Number. These numbers are important for capturing data about the people to help them obtain State Services, such as Education, Healthcare, Pension, and other Social Security Benefits. Under ADP, Imo State ID will be used to capture all the data to serve the people efficiently and effectively. In better run nations of this world, an ID card is indispensable because it is used to know how many of us there are in the State and therefore enable State leadership to plan accordingly for social services.



But creating jobs has to tie into education and training. So it is important to help our people, especially our young people to do something good with their lives. For example, we will emphasize strongly Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET). We will look into technical education for entrepreneurs and self-employment or community employment. E-Agriculture and ways to use technology for food security in Imo State. Solar energy infrastructure. Construction of homes, schools and markets. Adequate waste management for a clean and healthy environment. Water and sanitation systems. And Management training to carry out the functions of leadership and accountability for good governance, as well as marketing, human resources management and technology.


As such the objective will be Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. And more Jobs. With jobs and adequate income, Individuals, Families, and the Communities and environment will be taken care of. Our young people will need to start building wealth. Having money, but also we will be wanting Character Education to improve citizenship behavior so that our people will be respected as trust worthy.


A lot of work needs to be done to develop Imo State so I don’t know why they keep saying there are no jobs. We will combine Manpower, Materials, Money and Management to integrate technical education into industrial innovation and address the problems of development we are having. If we are focused on improving the lives of individuals, families, communities and the environment, we will create much needed jobs.


I want to emphasize that it is important to connect our education system into high impact, job creating activities that enable individuals, families, communities and the environment to benefit sooner, rather than later. As such, education can be a perfect launching pad for sustainable development in Imo State.


For example, we will create a Portfolio and Program Management Bureau to link Education (SDG 4: Quality Education), particularly Technical Training and Education into the creation of Jobs (SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth). We can use the concept of Community Land Trust/ Co-operative, where the people jointly own land and assets to go from technical education into industrial cooperatives that are partly funded by the community and partly by Imo State government to move straight into productive income-generating work in such areas as:


  • Building and construction of Houses/ homes and adjacent Streets, Schools, Health Clinics, TVET facilities and adjacent streets and landscaping;
  • e-Agriculture and associated logistics and supply chain;
  • Solar Energy infrastructure;
  • Water, Sanitation and Waste Management infrastructure;
  • Local Transportation; and
  • More



These efforts will begin to solve the problem of poverty, hunger, healthcare, jobs creation, water and sanitation, etc. We will use innovative financial management techniques to work with the African Development Bank, International Finance Corporation, African Management Services Company, United Nations Development program, the United States Agency for International Development, the British Department for International Development and other agencies and financial institutions to develop our private sector, using investment proposals to access finance for business startups and expansion.


We will also develop peaceful state. We will ensure that the same education we speak of connects to SDG 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions) so that we can educate our people on such areas as:


  • Principles of Peace
  • Universal Values as a Foundation for World Peace
  • Understanding the Root Cause of Conflict and Restoring Peace and Happiness


In all its totality, our objective is for a Happy Imo State, where our citizens can be healthy, skilled, prosperous and happy.


So as ADP moves forward, we will to a certain extent be guided by localizing the so called United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, or the Global Goals, as it is also known, which is shown here.



ADP and Imo State: Striving to achieve the Global Goals.



Imo State cannot develop without its people. Our people should be our most valuable asset. It is through the people that things get done. We must love ourselves. The best way to show each other that we love ourselves is by creating an environment of peace and prosperity, not conflict and underdevelopment; education not ignorance; healthcare not a sick population; looking after our people, not neglecting them. Building good affordable homes, putting clean water into homes, cleaning our villages and city streets, providing food for our people, creating well paid jobs and creating a happy Imo State.


Please join with me and ADP. Let’s get to work.

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