Adim Ijeaku Jane Walks In A School That Men Failed To Make Impact, Graduates As The Best Student


Nigeria as a country seems to lay more emphasis on frivolities such as reality shows , music shows and all what not leaving education. Today, most Nigerians that are youth would as “who education help”. There is no need to bother searching for answers, education has really not helped most folks, lecturers are busy on strikes , the educated ones earn peanuts , teachers are poorly remunerated while the corporate organisation would fall over themselves to endorse musicians with millions of Naira!

That’s the irony of the nation, apart from very few organisations like Cowbell that look at education, we just have few while majority is music, music and entertainment.

I was in Futo today to celebrate a genius, Adim Ijeaku Jane with a CGPA of 4.76 but the irony is that Nigeria’s universities don’t know how to celebrate her best. She emerged the overall best. as a female in a male dominated school, no visible Award was given to her.

Institutions should develop policies or programmes that can encourage young minds to appreciate and know that there is reward for hard work.

I know that if it’s a dance or singing competition many institutions would have come forward to reward the participants and also the best in such competition, this is not to say such is not good but to let such institutions to know that academic excellence is worth rewarding.

All men of good will should join to add there voice and support to this clarion call.

Rowland Azuike


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