The Nigeria Digital Outlook 2018 by ADE Digital is now LIVE! The insightful study available for free download was put together by leading digital agency and product development company, ADE Digital. This exciting new study delivers new thinking and perspectives on Nigeria’s evolving digital landscape, trends to watch, projections, market opportunities they present and the future of Digital in Nigeria.


The Nigeria Digital Outlook 2018 by ADE Digital gathers predominant market knowledge and makes meaning of it; providing insights and relevant understanding of the digital landscape as well as the opportunities that abound. The 2018 Nigeria Digital Outlook additionally examines the pointers within the market with the capacity to trigger economic growth.

In Nigeria, the last decade has seen significant growth in technology adoption. This pointer for progress is also stimulating numerous opportunities across industry sectors. From a growing social commerce industry to a disruptive fintech space, we are experiencing big shifts in consumer behaviour, shopping patterns, and media consumption habits. Technology is fueling these shifts and this is only the beginning!


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