Acronis Partners With Motorsports and Football Teams

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Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection and hybrid cloud solutions currently celebrating its 15th anniversary, today announced it has successfully formed multiple technology partnerships with both motorsport and football teams this year, with nearly half a petabyte of sports data now protected from data loss and ransomware attacks.

Acronis announced the successful rollout of efficient and secure cyber protection for Williams Racing during the 2018 Formula 1 season. The Swiss-Singaporean company now protects hundreds of servers, workstations and Microsoft Office 365 accounts, significantly improving backup performance and flexibility of managing data. What used to take Williams Racing hours or even days to backup now takes a matter of minutes.

“The great benefit of using Acronis is securing the data, our IP. Data is king in our business. We’re busy working on the next year’s car and it’s great to know that our data is fully protected and we can easily access historical data from any point in time,” said Graeme Hackland, CIO, Williams Martini Racing following the deployment. More information on how Williams Racing is using Acronis solutions can be found via this link.

Acronis for Sports

Acronis responded to the changing market environment by developing easy, efficient, and secure cyber protection solutions that meets the needs of sports teams worldwide. With Acronis, sports organizations are able to consolidate backup, disaster recovery, storage, and enterprise sync and share, using Acronis to protect all data, applications, and systems.

“Acronis developed solutions that hit the right note with sports teams. We have a full product set that addresses the five vectors of cyber protection — safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) — giving them an easy way to protect all data on premises or in the cloud, without compromising security or limiting flexibility,” said John Zanni, President of Acronis.

A journey that started with a single motorsport partnership just two years ago has grown into multiple Formula 1, Formula E, Formula 2, Formula 3, Supercars, and other motorsport series. Acronis has also signed multiple partnerships with teams in other sports, including Arsenal Football Club, one of the most iconic clubs in the English Premier League. Another major partnership is scheduled to be announced during the grand prix week.

Teams chose Acronis because it is renowned for introducing a new hybrid cloud architecture, which is designed to deliver greater flexibility and data privacy, as well as a host of innovative features that make cyber protection easier and more complete. Acronis is the first company to add artificial intelligence-based ransomware protection and blockchain-based data authentication to its products, creating the most secure backup on the market. This commitment to innovation allows Acronis to deliver solutions that protect all data, applications, and systems at a low and predictable cost.
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Acronis Foundation

Acronis’ sports partners also support the Acronis Foundation, a non-profit organization established during the Acronis 15th anniversary year to promote knowledge and education around the world. The Foundation has already built schools in Myanmar, Tanzania, with two more currently under construction in Cambodia and Senegal. The Foundation is also engaged in other community development organizations and university projects. For more information, visit

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