Abuse of Judiciary: The only reason Nnamdi Kanu can dare the courts, incite his followers


By Nneka Aroh

“The only reason Nnamdi Kanu can dare the courts, incite his followers and still sleep nicely in his bed is because governance has been trivialized and the laws have been castrated.

It’s sad. Every Nigerian should worry. This is not healthy for any society. When the law begins to walk like on egg shells around anyone, it’s disaster waiting to happen.

Some Nigerians saw this coming.

We screamed from roof tops that the symbol of justice should not be unblinded. That it must continue to be unable to tell the Nigerian who holds the broom from the one that holds the umbrella. That it must be unable to differentiate Okoro from Adamu.

We screamed that the EFCC should not be dusting only the files of the opposition but should be dusting all files that felt like they held skeletons.

We screamed that all those who broke the law should dance to the music of the law. We failed to understand why the Govt of the day would criminalize cattle rustling and condone the wanton, brazen and murderous rampage of Fulani Herdsmen. We saw prompt arrests of peaceful protesters while killers stayed immune.

We screamed when we saw the Govt, the very custodians of the law, shun the declaration of the courts of law. We warned that the chick watches the mother hen closely and learns from her how to dig up worms.

We screamed that Arewa Youths have toed the treason path by publicly threatening the safety of fellow citizens and that the law should rise to the occasion.

But we were simply dismissed as ‘wailers’.
And the head of the law was buried in the sand in the fashion of ostriches.

Now the law is having difficulties digging it’s head out of the sand. Now there is talk around if and how and when to rearrest a man who has spat in the face of the law. And the argument continues on why we cannot arrest a bunch of entitled Arewa youths. And the law continues with the struggle in the sand.

And the rest of us simply wait for disaster to happen. Lawlessness breeds nothing but disaster.

I worry.”


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