About 4,500 motorbikes in Lagos has been impounded and waiting for the directives of state government on what to do. The task force teams are still confused on what to do with these bikes impounded and the Lagos State government is a bit slow in acting up, which is absolutely normal in government.

The last administration has put a ban on the use of motorbikes as a means of commercial transportation in some critical roads. In a city that is trying to do everything humanly and “infrastructuraly” possible to be a livable city by ensuring that transportation is top-notch! Unfortunately, the city of Lagos ain’t taking that. With series of measures put into place to ensure that the transportation is modern. Measures like creating a dedicated BRT lane for buses, deployment of modern buses and creating new routes. The issue of transport system still leaves a gap.

Then the bikes are here to fill these gaps, with a chaotic transportation and snail paced traffic system, coupled by the menace of area boys and that of Danfo (an old brand of voxwagen bus) coming into play, commuting in Lagos becomes a nightmarish situation ….the bikes always serve as a bridge and gap filler in the above mentioned scenarios.

Though, their movement is Swift and pleasurable, they also come with their downsides such as unsightly scenes, very prone to accident and more especially they have been reported to be used for criminal acts such as snap and run!

The reason the Lagos State government from past administration to the present always descend on these set of people in the transportation ecosystem is very understandable. They have demonstrated the political will to ensure that the city of Lagos is in tandem with other sane cities, but issues like unemployment and terrible road network makes this virtually impossible and makes the use of motorbikes known as Okada possible.

Now, about 4,500 bikes are impounded this year alone , throwing about 4,000 into the labour market. As we all know, the devil has a way of dwelling on idle minds and Lagosians are praying and hoping that they (retired bike riders ) don’t play the devil’s advocate here.

As Sanwo Olu’s adminstration is so keen on making Lagos city habitable, folks have begged and pleaded that the state government should give priority to transportation. A lot of man hours have are been lost hourly while millions of people are stuck in traffic making the city loose productive hours. It is believed that the state is always fortunate to have great government and the case of Sanwo Olu wouldn’t be different .

As the city is evolving and making tremendous strides in trying to catch up with other cities of the world, leveraging on technology, with the online platforms fashioned after Uber, other startup companies like GoKada , OPay and others are trying everything to ensure that using motorbikes is modern by deploying mobile apps and online hailing. The big question is ; would Lagos allow these online platform thrive or kill off the use of okada as a means of comfort ?

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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