20 Girls Rape, Flavors Concert and The New Form Of News Reportage


Lately, the social media and online community in the country was washed with alleged rape cases! But, some cheap blogs with their humongous followers didn’t report it as an allegations or assumption but with certainty ! This has made the issue of fake news a permanent issue in Nigeria and professional journalism thrown to dustbin. That is one of the downside of internet and availability of online facilities. This is where we are today.

It seems that people are bent to use the media to create a panic situation in the east. The Eastern zone is a robust zone with low crime rates as statistics have shown and this has made people come out en masse to pay for shows and watch games. We have seen a situation where thousands of people come out for musical shows in Enugu and Owerri, these Eastern cities are robust.

We know that some people in other parts of the country aren’t happy over this…we can’t have a show like this either in Osun or Ogun without hearing of some ritual killings as it has been often reported on per week basis. We might not even think of a show like this in Kaduna , Kano or even Sokoto because of their Islamic leaning or terrorism ( suicide bombing ) or Boko Haram using the show to score some cheap points. We dare not ! But it’s only in South East and few cities in Niger Delta like Calabar, Uyo and Asaba can boast of having such an attendance…it can’t happen in Port Harcourt due to high level of thuggery in that city or even in Warri….they don’t carry last in ‘ruggedity”. We have lived in some of these cities and we know how we roll.

Now some folks are not comfortable with the rising status of Eastern cities , who knows, maybe tomorrow an international music show might want to have their show in Nigeria and might choose Enugu, so to create a hoax and bad name they have started early enough. They took on Phyno show and now flavor


There was no empirical study that arrived that Igbo men are rapist

There was a crime statistics that showed that South East has the lowest rape cases

There was not even a single girl that came out to say that she was raped or was their a single witness to talk about this rape !

Yet the blogs with their junk journalism said that 20 were raped ! No names , no pictorial evidences , no pictures , no witnesses …etc. then you would begin to understand what junk journalism we have in Nigeria with brown envelopes mentality.

Thank goodness that after due diligence and investigation…the Nigerian police came out to say there was no rape case


What a shame….lack of logicality ,emotionality everywhere ?


Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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