Roads in Aba, the commercial city is in a sorry state and a write off! A city known for ingenuity, manufacturing and enterprenuership.  Most roads in the city such as ECN, Bright, Ehi roads even Port Harcourt Road is in terrible state.  But one of the roads is Ohanku Road! A critical road but but in critical situation!This is Ohanku Road in Aba Abia state. This road has been left dilapidated for more than 12 years by successive administrations. There’s mixed-feelings that the road is either state or federal roads. From my findings, it’s believed the road is a federal road for it leads to Portharcourt. Even from Ngwa road where new market (ahia ohuru) is down to this road and other adjoining streets is a complete write-off. The person who tried to work this road was Orji Uzor Kalu despite being a federal government road.

Not that the people living here don’t have representatives. They’re insensitive and self-centered. Can you believe that this road is a road leading to the house of a former minister of federal ministry of labour and productivity during Goodluck Ebele Jonathan era. I am referring to Emeka Nwogu, though it is not his work to fix the road but the people are saying that he should use his connection to attract some level of rehabilitation on the road , that’s all ! He is in APC! yet he can’t use his influence to attract NDDC here. Having built a magnificent country home in a place surrounded with dirt and swamps yet he’s cool with it. This is the most worrisome aspect and we believe that he would do something if there is need, for now there is no need!

I bet he now chooses to stay in one of his house in the towns pending who knows when the road will be dualized. Armed robbers and street cultists have capitalized on this sad situations to extort money, break into people’s homes, killed, snatch phones, and rape our young girls in the day and at night. The insecurity situation of this area has blown out of proportions. I could remember the last time I made a visit here to see my aunty, an elderly lady broke her knees when she dipped her leg in a muddy and flooded gutter. She sustained a brutal injury because the water made it hard to know there’s anything like gutter there.

In terms of health, the place is a disaster and the ministry of health must look into this. Should I talk about the stench oozing out of this environment that has made it uncomfortable for the people living around here?. Unfortunately those who should have known better and who are in the position to remedy this situation are greedy, self-centered and are only interested in winning elections.

Sammuel Okereke
Writes from Aba , Abia State

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