Abakaliki Street Dispute, Gov Obiano ignores Gov Umahi’s plea



The governor of Anambra state, chief Maduaburochukwu Obiano has ignored the plea from his Ebonyi state counterpart not to rename the popular Abakaliki street, Awka to Club street.

Gov Umahi on hearing that gov Obiano renamed the street to Club street called him on phone and expressed his disapproval over such decision.

According to a press statement from Abakaliki, Gov Umahi was said to have complained to Governor Obiano of his disgust over the matter, adding that such an act was most unguided, coming at a time the Igbo race was doing its best to be united and generate desired cohesion to gain its deserved attention and dues in the Nigerian polity.

However, AIF Media gathered that gov Obiano insisted on not reversing his decision but rather named another road within the area Abakaliki street.

According to the Awka South LGA chairman who in a joint statement with the Chief Press Secretary to gov Obiano, Mr James Eze said, the new Abakaliki road is road that runs across Queen Suites to Enugu-Onitsha Expressway at the Parktonia Hotel end of the road.

While Obiano explained that the renaming of the former Abakaliki Street as ‘Club Road’ was part of the on-going efforts to interpret the Awka City Master Plan, gov Umahi admitted that Obiano has every constitutional right to rename any structure be it road or any other infrastructure in the state, he pointed out that “in doing so, what should come to mind should be the unity and perpetuation of legacies and sustenance of the sacred thing that holds us together as a people.”

The Ebonyi governor lamented that ndi Ebonyi state have suffered discrimination from their Igbo brothers and added that he felt sad over the social media claims that the street was taken away from Abakaliki people because they are not qualified to answer such name of a major street in Awka.

AIF Media

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