A successful Renal Transplant was recently carried out in FMC Umuahia.


A successful Renal Transplant was recently carried out in FMC Umuahia.

Even though this is a relative success compared with the environment ,yet I would have no cause to celebrate knowing the trend of events in that zoo.

The first successful Open Heart Surgery in Sub Saharan Africa if not the whole of Africa was conducted upon the ruins of the carnage unleashed on us by Nigeria. Way back by 1st of February 1974, by Igbo Sons.. Just for emphasis, only 4 fucking years after the Civil War.. What is the situation today after years of Oil boom?

After my WAEC in 1999, I went to school (Government College Owerri) to bid my form Teacher Farwell as I prepared to leave for Zaria, I had been admitted to The Nigerian Defense Academy ,I had bought all the requirements .As fate would have it, a Career talk was in progress where Dr Philip Njemanze he himself a Neurologist, told stories about UNTH CARDIAC CENTER OF EXCELLENCE.

Long Stories Short, by the following year I was bound for Nsukka, I had abandoned Zaria after the whole rigors, I wanted to be part of those glories at The Cardiac Center of Excellence. Four years into my schooling, I met a sordid disappointment during my clinical posting..

The Cardiac Center of Excellence was dilapidated and was rusting away under lock and keys, while the mystical USA trained Cardiac Surgeon,Prof Martin Aghaji with his team was pacing aimlessly around the Hospital with his big boots. The Cardiac Ward was packed with dying peeps in need of surgeries I would often get depressed after each teaching round after seeing human suffering and frequent deaths. I never saw any Open Heart Surgery because the equipments were all damaged without replacement…

Just imagine if the tempo initiated by the Young Cardiac Surgeons Dr Anyanwu and co that started it was since 1974 was maintained till date, today I doubt if any Country would compare with us….!

Just like every other success in Nigeria, this success must be scaled!  The Renal Transplant Surgery success recorded in FMC Umuahia would die a natural death, just like the Bone Marrow transplant in UCH. There is a ceiling to progress in Nigeria, that ceiling is your Government… The country has the capacity to scale up medical tourism and also make Nigeria a medical destination only of the politicians would understand the need to give priority to medical sector and education sector not some flimsy search of oil in desert up North.


From Ahamba Anoruo


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