A Nigerian Takes Pride In His Kill and The Implications To Nature


In a country where all is fair and right, In short anything goes including wildlife. Today, Nigerians are yet to come to terms with the concept conservation of wildlife. With urbanization and development taking a greater junk of pristine forests in the country especially in South Eastern Nigeria. This situation has depleted the pristine forest that the region is known for.

Presently, in the region,it is rare to find even an ordinary antelope in the wild , you can’t even see elephants (enyi ) again or see leopard. These animals are gone and sightings getting rarer… these are chased by cultural practice of the igbo people where a title is given to whoever kills elephant ( ogbu enyi) and whoever kills leopard (ogbu agu) today these animals are all gone !

Another is the new one…the bush meat mentality of Nigerians . The citizens see bush meat as exotic and would do anything to kill snake, python( except Anambra ) and all what not even ridents. A Nigeria took pride in his kill when he went to Facebook and posted this

“Morning blessings!
Patience is the best solution to every hard situation. This animal has been making caricatures at me, it can run like a war jet. I have been trying my best just to make it a food to joy of my heart but nothing works, I can’t forget the day this animal used me for a morning exercise but don’t ask me what it did to me that day because I can’t imagine myself telling you what happened to the disgracing of my personality. ”

He continued “I summoned courage and exercised patient because I know that God won’t allow me to be put to shame after being embarrassed by this animal but this morning, God gave me a divine capacitor that calibrated my speed limit to kill this animal at ease without a single drop of sweat. Now I have this animal at hand ✋ and my beloved mother is now using it to prepare a delicious meals for me.” Said Ifegwu.

Though it’s right to be proud of the kill, it’s right for the mother to cook for the son but what is disturbing here is ..if these wildlife aren’t taken care of ,we might have a situation that our kids or the unborn generation would only have documentaries as a source of information and would never see a real rodent or antelope anywhere in Nigeria . He earlier the Government starts looking at creating laws to protect wildlife the better for us all.

Anthony Nwosu


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