Lagos is a bustling city with an evolving transportation system courtesy of Ambode. With the commissioning of world class terminal, the face of Lagos transportation would never be the same again. But the ubiquitous danfo buses still has the transportation space in their grips. These old buses of Volkswagen make has been known to be noisy, rugged and almost dirty. Do they serve Lagos ,oh yes .

If you are a stranger in Lagos , there are higher chances that you must have experience with this set of transportation contraption and there are types of folks that you would meet in these buses


1.THE PREACHERS:These set of people are usually dressed in suits that has seen better days. Woe betide you if you’re well dressed or wearing makeup,you will be tagged as a Jezebel immediately. They usually collect mobile tithes and offerings en route your destination to support the ministry.

2.THE DRUG MARKETERS: “This medicine fit cure 100 different types of sickness. It is sold for 500 at the pharmacy, but since I don’t like too much money, I will give it to you for #50 pere”.

3.THE MOTHER: Have you seen a mother hen and her chickens?These ones are irritable like that.They will refuse to pay for extra seat. The sucking one will be strapped to her back while the other ones will be pushed head first to drag your executive position with you.God help you if you refuse to help her carry the children.Your reward is usually in effusive gratitude.

4.THE SLEEPER :This one will sleep and use your shoulder as pillow.Will wake up at intervals, look wildly around like Sambisa soldiers then go back to their drowsy world.They usually wake up when they get to Seme border.

5.NO CHANGE:Even after the conductor has shouted repeatedly that you should “wole pelu change e”. They will still do strong head and enter. You will see them asking you “abeg lemme have that 50naira in your hand”.

6.THE GLUTTON:Gala man, do you have soft one? Egg nko? Add bóli and groundnut.Conductor if you see water abeg buy am for me. At strategic intervals they will start releasing posterior atomic bombs.

7.THE TOASTER :Toasting all pretty and not too pretty girls are in his job description. Usually gets down before his destination in a bid to collect her number. He might be related or unrelated to 8.

8.THE PERVERTS:Welcome to the sick lecherous world of unsolicited groping.

9.THE OBSERVERS:I know I said “8 people” but I think I fit well into this category.

Oluwabokola Oseni

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