8 Critical ways to encounter greatness as a Christian – Fred Obetoh



Every man that wants to be great must serve, it’s like you want to have a hospital ,you haven’t worked in a hospital and have sufficient knowledge, that means that you have no greatness in hospital business…that’s the way greatness is! Greatness isn’t what you acquire , it’s what you walk in. As a child of God one must know that we are born great and the seed of greatness is in us and we must work it out. Below are the keys to achieving greatness.

1. Be prayerful , one must always pray and seek the face of God in anything and not complaining. Praying should be the part of every Christian Life!

2. In service; this is important, always show service and know that you don’t equal your master . Be humble to learn, understudy and understand! Be in service. Who are you serving ? Who is your spiritual father? Who is your role model ? Who are you understudying? You must be able to answer these critical questions you must answer for you to be great!

Team work, be it in church or elsewhere, there is need to work with people of like mind and get inspiration from each other .

3. Giving. Always give be it in church or elsewhere. It has always been a blessed thing to give. In church sow your seed, be part of the sowers. Giving can be seen as investment and whatever measure given would be

4 Sowing this can be likened to giving but the core divergent thing here is that in showing you sow into the project of God , the lives of pastor and members of church.

5 Worship , always worship the Lord. The role of worship can’t be underestimated in the life of Christians. Worship is so important because we are created for it . Solomon was a worshipper and he was great. So for one to be great, one must be at peace with God! If your way pleases the Lord ,no one would be your enemy or intend to harm you.

6 Demonstrate Kindness on People, this act of kindness is one way one can get greatness at his fingertips. Showing kindness is one of the important focal point of Christianity. Always ensure that you make people smile ! This is one sure route for greatness.

7. In study and meditation, always show study, people must search knowledge and know what the word of Lord said . Also meditation, always think about the word of God. Reading , meditation and set aside quiet time to read and think about your life.

8 . Diligence, a Christian must show diligence in everything they he does. It must be about education or the nature of the job he does but diligence. A Christian must be diligence in whatever he does.

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