7 Things Parents Must Know and Teach Their Children


Tell them – “It is OK to make mistakes”- Parents should stop punishing kids on every small mistake made by them. I just do not understand why is it so wrong to make mistakes? Punishing a child again and again will discourage him to an extent you cannot even imagine!

Stop judging a bird by its ability to swim- Not everyone is meant to make an electrical circuit, not everyone is supposed to study demand-supply in a market. I know that parents wish for a secured future of their kids, but at the cost of their happiness? Have some faith in your child.

Throw away your ‘child weighing scales’ – “Your classmate Varun is going for science extra-classes. Learn something from him.” Parents please understand that everyone has his/her own pace, own level of understanding. Don’t disown your kids by comparing them to someone you wouldn’t even care about 6–7 years down the line.

Be more approachable. You many a times don’t even know what your child is going through- Stop being scary and be more open and accepting. Be their friend first. Many a times things don’t work out in their lives and they don’t share it with you just because they have fear, a lot of it, in their mind. As a result, they take up not so good habits like smoking, drinking, etc.

You will be their first idol, so watch your actions!- They watch T.V., they watch what you watch. You may be grown up and matured enough to watch ‘Saas-Bahu’ show just for fun or entertainment. But your child takes the slap from Saas to her Bahu pretty seriously and starts relating it to his real life.

A day spent with them > gifting him a 2000 Rs headphones- Time is the most valuable investment when it comes to kids. Your expensive gift lands up in dust bin after a year or two, but the memories and experiences and going through old photographs together is something that will bring you closer to them.

Lastly, have faith in them, because the world won’t- It is tough out there. There are 10 aunties, 15 uncles and 20 teachers to say, “Tumse nahi hoga ye.” And your child is too young to summon courage to fight them. During those times, hold their hand and remind them “It is gonna be alright. We love you the way you are”

P.S. – This is something I have observed. Not all of this relates to my parents. I am lucky enough to have great parents and I am thankful to them for bringing me up in the best possible way.

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