Snake Meat: Is It that delicious and necessary?



Coming from Nnewi South of  Anambra State  where a lot of taboos abound, one of these taboos  is never eating  anything Boa, Python and even Anaconda if you ever find that in Africa. Even in  the bible, it was said that evil used a snake to deceive Eve the wife of Adam. Snake isn’t even seen as a man’s friend and rarely used as pets.


That is  aside, Another man’s poison  is definitely another man meat. This was evident over the weekend.  I was  having fun with my friends over the weekend, we drove around the Igando-Ikotun Axis looking for a place to hang out. Away from the nagging of our wives. Femi. Our adventurous friend suggested a funny joint. The best delicacy there is snake meat.


Coming from a region where this is frowned upon, not only frowned upon, if you kill a snake, a befitting burial would be given to the poor reptile.Christianity hasn’t changed this culture till date. I came in contact where people were devouring what we hold in high esteem. Well,I decided to look around to know the health benefits of eating a snake.


After browsing for health benefits of snake meat, at least we know the health benefits of Chicken, Fish and beef but I snooped around for snake . According to TrueRandomFacts ( online portal. I found that aside to the obvious help for dieters, the consumption of snake is believed to Warm the heart – in Cantonese cuisine snake soup is consumed to warm the body.
Some online sources like said that the Snake meat in contains calcium, magnesium and other elements, is the form of the protein fusion, and therefore more easily absorbed by the body so the prevention of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, inflammation or tuberculosis has a role. Snake meat is rich in nutrients, fats containing linoleic acid and other ingredients, and the cholesterol content was lower than pork liver, eggs, etc., the prevention of arteriosclerosis, have a role.


Increase sexual performance – in Asian countries, the blood of a live snake (when possible) is drained and ingested. For a better taste is combined with alcohol.

Treat acne – traditional Chinese are using the snake skin to treat acne, boils and sores.

I don’t think people are actually aware of the many health benefits of eating dehydrated rattlesnake. I am alive today because of it!!! I had severe asthma and skin allergies that rendered me housebound for many years. Doctors pretty much gave up on me. It wasn’t until someone at an herb stand suggested it to me in the form of dried up rattlesnake meat capsules, since I never really believed in any sort of tea or such. Being skeptical, I thought ,well that’s pretty easy…just pop a pill! So I bought the 20 capsule package. Well, much to my surprise my health started improving dramatically within a week…



The bad side cannot be overlooked also. Unfortunately, salmonella is often found in snake meat and in rattlesnake capsules. Over the years, there were reports of salmonella poisoning related to rattlesnake capsules.


The report has this to say. The health benefits of snake meat are not scientifically proven. There is just not enough evidence to support the above claims so I think you are better off with a chicken meal. If still you want to try some snake, make sure you do a proper handling and cooking to avoid possible salmonella infection or food poisoning.

Well, it is a meat for those that have superb gastro-intestines and guts. I think I am okay with observing my age long traditions of my fore fathers. I will not want to encounter the anger of Mr. Amadioha or Mrs Ani.  But, if you have what it takes try it, by the wasy variety is the spice of life. Maybe, spiced slithery shiny meat will make your day



Anthony Nwosu

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