Sex Dolls Business in Nigeria, 30 Questions – Chima Okereke


Two years ago I got an offer with emails and phone numbers(I can’t remember who sent it) about a sex tool for men.

Innocently I downloaded the well-packaged video and alas it was a portable sex tool that did not have a head and legs, only waist and what looked like oyibo “bumbum”. I was angry, then laughed and said well it’s for white folks.l not for us.

Then I got the designer dildo and other males and females sex tools e-catalogue and I wondered why these people send these sex-related products to me. Was it to start a new sex business or that I need them in my already happy quiet life?
This craze for sexual satisfaction was not like this before and therefore raises certain questions.

Pacheemar’s 30+ Questions on Sex Dolls:

1. Is it not a sign of loss of human direction that the AIDS/HIV cure drugs are enmeshed in politics of dollar and pounds while sex dolls are being modeled and remodeled and mass-produced according to taste?
2. Do you know these sex dolls have gone through rigorous tests where “volunteers” did a good job of helping in adjustments of designs?
3. Do you know that there has been “protests” from black people that the sex dolls have Caucasian and oriental designs?
4. Do you know that black sex dolls are hurriedly being if it has not been completely added to solve the “racism” shouts by black folks?
5. Do you know that two companies are developing sex doll prototypes inputted with artificial intelligence(AI) to make up for the inanimate sex dolls?
6. Will they give all the G-strings and sexy wears used to sell the sex dolls on magazines and on net?
7. Do you know you will have to buy sexy clothes for your sex doll babe?
8. Do you know that you will need to buy the other sexual “condiments” for maximum satisfaction?
9. So eventually you will still spend  time to time to maintain her?
10. So you can actually have two or more sex doll wives and there won’t be jealousy, quarrel and gossip and fight and in-laws?
11. So there will be manual to maintain it?
12. So a man can carry doll in the car?
13. What if fake ones are manufactured by my importer neighbor and something goes wrong like your phallus getting some terrible electric shocks?
14. So a group of guys(count me out, you can count yourself in) can contribute money and buy it, then meet at a joint and make themselves comfortable?
15. So soon women should start searching their husband’s Cars, offices, and study rooms?
16. So soon we will have dolls place to make people comfortable?
17. Will it not reduce prostitution?
18. Would it reduce homosexuality?
19. What shall we call an investor in commercial sex doll hangouts?
20. Would you approve a sex doll for your husband?
21. Can they please reduce the amount, like ,50000,800,000 is too much?
22. Will you receive a sex as a gift?(I will think about)
23. So if a husband gets angry and wants to make the point or avoid being accused of unfaithfulness, he will just go and buy a sex doll and carry it into the house?
24. Will it be a sin to do sex doll?
25. Wouldn’t this sex doll change marriage as we know it?
26. What if these men afraid of marriage decide to impregnate a teenager but house sex doll instead of marrying a wife?
27. Will some ladies be useless in a relationship with this sex doll thing, since many ladies only bring sex to relationship?
28. So hotels will now have special rooms with special rates where sex dolls will be arranged for special guests?
29. What if they manufacture fake one and lace it with deadly new disease and when you buy and use, you contact the disease and then spend money to cure the designer disease?
30. Would it be surprising for men to decide to marry sex doll in not distant time?
31. What if it brings new business, so Pacheemar now buys sex doll, names her the Yoruba name “Ramotu” and people pay per hour to be with her?
32. Where is this world heading to?
I wish I had answers, maybe you do or you have your own question.

Chima Okereke


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