3 Things You Must Do if You Want to Start Your Own Successful Business in Nigeria in 2018


3 Things You Must Do if You Want to Start Your Own Successful Business in Nigeria in 2018.

If you’ve been thinking of starting your own business and make it successful in 2018, these are 3 things you must do;

First, Stop Making Excuses.

On Thursday, 24th of July, 2008, I went fully into the business world.

I had all the reasons in the world to make excuses (among which is the fact that I only had #8,500 with me).

But I decided not to make excuses.

If you want to start your own business in Nigeria in the year 2018, you must be willing to bury excuses.

The second thing you must do is to be willing to start small.

If I had waited to have all the capital I needed, I would probably still be waiting today.

People who are waiting for the perfect weather wait forever.

The third thing you must do is to learn from experienced entrepreneurs.

I’ve read from hundreds of business books in the last one decade.

Unfortunately, we are living in a very funny world where people are willing to spend 4 years to learn how to be Secretaries, Accountants, Bankers etc

But when these same people want to start their own businesses, they are not willing to read just 4 books about entrepreneurship.

Isn’t that very funny?

Well, if you’re among the few serious ones, I want to take the pains to share with you some of what I’ve learned in the business world in the last one decade.

I don’t need you to give me money

I don’t need you to give me your e-mail address

I’ve already given this business course to more than 250,000 Africans since 2013 (because I’m passionate about seeing Africans building successful businesses).

I Love to give few more people my FREE business course via this post.

If you’re interested, simply type “Free Course” in the comment and our system will send you a message (immediately) via your messenger.

You can as well get free admission to our business university (Africa Business University)

Type “Free Course” in the comment and check your inbox because our system will send you a message.

Get the download page to my free business course in the next 3 minutes to learn from my LITTLE, over one decade business experience in Nigeria.

Type “Free Course” in the comment and a message will be sent to your messenger (immediately).

Steve Olorun-Ni.

CEO, BCV (Lagos, Nigeria)

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