Restructure: 2/3 and the rest of Southern Nigeria


It dawned on me that many Southerners are not aware they cannot get 2/3rd majority needed for constitutional change in fact. No wonder they are against civil disobedience. Many of them are hoping against hope to get it.

Nigerians of Southern extraction are hoping for a restructure but beyond organising a TV speech for it and Ibadan declaration top it up with numerous Facebook updates, they cannot practically tell us how they can get 2/3rd to push a constitutional change.

All the Northern leaders and groups including the president have at one time or the other directed proponents of fiscal federalism to go through the required constitutional means. The Southerners nod in acknowledgement without giving a thought to how they intend to get this.

When I kept asking for reality and practical means on a thread, without getting an answer, it dawned on me that most people do not understand how this works.

Total of Federal House of representatives is 360. 2/3rd of it is 240. You need a total of 240 members of the house if representatives to vote a yes to restructuring.

The constitution asks for a 2/3rd majority. Not a simple majority.

The person I asked this question finally realized there are no practical means. I found it funny when he even suggested that, “the South will devise a means to force the North to come to accept”. He did not state details of these means but I am certain it cannot be a constitutionally recognized means because the law already told us how to change our Constitution.

These unwritten/unspoken ways he has in mind are undoubtedly illegal or at least unconventional ways which majority including himself have condemned.

I have a gift for anyone who is ready to show in practical terms what can be done at the House of Reps. to get 240 members.

I have tried to be magnanimous. Feel free to add Kwara and Kogi to South even though we know that’s not what it is. Both has 18 members in all.

You are free to subtract the Southern representative members from 240 and then tell us how you will make up the 240 from Northern House memebrs. You need at least 45 Northern House members (this is because I added Kwara and Kogi for the South. It should have been more).


Ify Onyeabo



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