I don’t think my eyes were deceiving me. I saw the Jagaban seating with Buhari with all his teeth blaring and shining. The caption was that the leader of the APC had gone to break the Ramadan fast with Mr President. I scorned the photograph with its caption.

On a second thought I said NO, politicians have funny and Intriguing aspects. It could be really Tinubu going to probe if what el-Rufai has been bleating is really the current edition of the Northern APC payoff. Which, seen from all angles is the new authorised version. But as anyone can safely bet, Tinubu will be sedated with a rounded condemnation and denial of complicity with el-Rufai. Those who know will tell that el-Rufai with his ever moist lips and saliva dripping mouth remains the de Jure mouthpiece of the new Fulani irredentism.

You may wonder why Tinubu is on this demeaning trip. As I said, politicians have wads of intrigues in their baggage. At all times. The quest remains the 2023. Everybody knows that the North keeps its joker close to their chests Until the decisive hours. The seriality of the drama has not changed with time

Unfortunately, Tinubu has burnt his bridges with the SouthEast and to some good extent with the South-South. Forging a Southern solidarity phalanx in the face of the Northern greed and hegemony will in the foreseen future be a tall dream. For from whatever angle one may see it, the outspoken desire to go for another South West presidency is simply a betrayal and bad faith to the SouthEast who has moaned to the high heavens for a taste of the plum since 1966. The logic may be thrown that power rotates between the North and South and that at every turn the zones within would decide the direction of the swing.

But that amounts to a lazy, cruel and greedy disposition. Betrayal is a milder word. Politics you know, is the art of the possible. There is no guarantee of anything in the future. Very unpredictable. The mathematics can never sum up giving the tectonic shifts and windy storms that would jostle the cards between now and then. Again, nothing ever is sacrosanct. Agreements are made to be broken. Neither are pacts ever etched on steel. Time and opportunities determine everything else. More in the future.

While wishing Tinubu a very sumptuous dinner in Aso Rock, I believe he has showcased a jittery unsure combatant so disturbed by the effusions of an el-Rufai who if contingencies compel would cast Buhari in horrid colours before the cock crows in the morning.. His testimonial contains such strains within his veins. Good generals would read the weather and mien of their allies weighing when the ally is close to playung the Brutus or merely being mischievous or even flying a kite.

This particular joint breaking of the Ramadan fast smacks of lowly political chess board counter.move than a slow and masterly counter punch resplendent of a well oiled Plan B. Deception, you know, is a major pillar of the political counter measures. Marchiavelli strongly prescribed that to any prince that is worth his salt.



By Innocent Nwankwo


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