14-Year-Old Housemaid Recounts How She Was Raped By The Couple She Worked For



A 14-year-old girl, Chinecherem Chinze, who was sexually abused by a couple in Ondo state, where she went to work as a maid, recounts her ordeal as she seeks justice.

The Nation reported that Chinecherem wanted to write the Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination last year but her widowed mother couldn’t raise the examination fee.

Her mother then decided to send her to a couple who would put her in school as a return for her house keeping service to them.

Sadly, Chinecherem was repeatdely raped and impregnated by her madam’s husband, Ene Chidozie, and abandoned with her mother since December last year.

According to her, when she arrived Ikare, Chidozie’s wife, who was pregnant at the time, told her that she was brought to the house for a purpose that would be revealed to her at the right time.

“I was taken to Ikare in March last year to live with Uncle Chidozie and his wife in the hope that they would register me in a school to take the JSS (Junior Secondary School) exam. But he deflowered me and also slept with me many times after that. He is responsible for my seven- month-old pregnancy.”


“One day in August last year, she told me that the time for the purpose of my coming to Ikare had come. She asked me to enter her husband’s room. I entered the room but, surprisingly, I met him lying naked on his bed. He beckoned to me to come but I refused. I started begging him, telling him that I had not done such a thing

“Suddenly, Aunty (Chidozie’s wife) came into the room and pushed me towards her husband. She then held me down while her husband mounted and deflowered me. I cried throughout that day.

“Thereafter, he continued to sleep with me. Whenever I refused to go to bed with him, Aunty would phone her sister in our village and tell her that I was not heeding her instructions.

“Each time Uncle wanted to sleep with me, his wife would help him to hold me down. That continued until December when we came home for Christmas and they returned me to my mother.”

“All I want from him is to take care of the baby and my education. That is the only way I can secure my future, which is about to be ruined. I am interested more in education than marriage. I am only 14 years old and now in SS1.”

Having informed the couple that she had missed her period before they traveled to the village for the yelutide, Chinecherem said, the couple abandoned her at the village and returned to Ondo without an explanation to her or her mother.

Her mother, who started noticing some physical changes in her, took her for a test which showed that she was six months pregnant.

Chinecherem’s mother explained that her daughter cherishes her education a lot, which was why she agreed to be sent to the couple for help. She is seeking justice for her daughter.



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