In a world that doesn’t see anything wrong about divorce and having child out of wedlock is called “cool”, this has made marriage a difficult task. Staying married becomes a thing of strong hearted one and having over 27yrs in married is not a walk in a park project! It worth to be celebrated, having this in mind, Isaac Idahosa , one of the foremost men of God in Nigeria would be rolling out carpets to celebrate this.

Speaking about the marriage and the anniversary, the man of God said ,  “It cannot be as bad as when it first appeared, gain speed having increase even a thousand times more because Everyday is a plus”,

God First Ministries Int’l, illumination Assembly would be agog as the founder showcases what it meant to be married for such a long time and also would be offering titbits on what it means to be married.

He would also be  thanking God for His faithfulness in the journey of 27th years of marriage. On Sunday 28th April 2019.

“If you check the background of most great servant of God doing great exploit for the Lord in the ministry today, you will discover that they had once laid down their lives sacrificially to serve the Lord, bishop Isaac Idahosa is a typical example of such with humility taking the gospel of Christ to every part of the world”, Idahosa added.

The Marriage has produced two children, Christabel and Osagie Idahosa two young lads doing well under the amazing grace of God!

The celebration would be in tandem with  ‘Compassionate Sunday’ where the needy, the less privileged  and widows will be taken care of! At the church Auditorium, Lekki  light centre, Ajah badore, Lagos.

Clems Emma

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