How to use Online Video for marketing & Advertising Campaigns

Have you seen people on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram or maybe on any social media platform talking about a product or maybe their services? Yet, this video has low views and interactions and you wonder why. What you probably saw is called an online video advertisement.

You know the saying “men are moved by what they see and women what they hear.” Actually, everyone is moved by what they see and this is why video advertisement remains the best way to create awareness on a product or service.

Video is accessible to anyone with internet access, both to watch and to produce. While there is certainly a trend towards higher quality video on a professional level, anyone can hop onto their laptop or Mobile Phone and create their own video in under an hour.

Video is not only for fun, it’s really one of the best ways to get close to your audience or customers and give them a real glimpse of what you and your business or your clients are doing.

Online video advertisement is more than just sitting behind a camera and persuading your audience to purchase your product or service.

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What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the use of video to raise awareness, create engagement, and drive sales. It’s a part of digital marketing, albeit a massive one, and overlaps with content marketing.

Video marketing is now so widespread that it’s a must-have skill for all marketers. But it hasn’t been that way for long.

If you are about to make a video advertisement (first timer) or you have made one and the outcome was unfavorable well, I’m glad to let you know the solution to all that is here. Below I’ll outline the steps on how to carry out an effective video advertisement;

STEP 1- Know your product
STEP 2- Be appealing
STEP 3- What can your product/services offer
STEP 4- Caption! Caption! Caption!
STEP 5- Details
STEP 6- Be precise
STEP 7- Reviews
Step 8- Link, graphics and extras

STEP 1- You can’t persuade people to purchase what you know nothing about. So before anything else, go over what you want to advertise and be conversant with it. The aim is to not stutter or go blank.

STEP 2- Yes! Be appealing. I repeat appeal your audience. Even before tapping on a video I already know what it would look like maybe you look unkempt or the video quality is poor all these are factors that determine if people would actually want to listen to you. Again, be cheerful and smile. Nobody wants to watch someone who looks forced to make an online video advertisement.

STEP 3- Most people make the mistake of talking only about the product or how good their services are but in truth, nobody cares about that. What your audience is interested in is what your product or services can do for them. Will they benefit from it? Would it pay them? Can it solve their pending problem? And this is where your main focus should be.

STEP 4- Your caption would do so much in catching the eye of your audience. Don’t let anyone tell you don’t need a caption. You could use a catchy phrase; something unrelated to the video or even pose a question. You can also use hash tags after your caption as click bait that way, more people get to see it online particularly, people who are in need of your product or services. A caption should be short.

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STEP 5- Ensure your video is well detailed and the main areas covered. This is also a common mistake people make in video advertisements. Let your audience know the price of your products, how your services are rendered, if there are promo sales or if they come in different packages. Trust me; you don’t want loose ends in your video. A well detailed video attracts more customers.

STEP 6- An online video advertisement should be 3-5 minutes max. Why this? You may ask. Most online videos show the time duration of the video even before you play it. So someone seeing a 5 or 6 minutes video is already turned off to even watch it or listen to what you have to say.

STEP 7- Reviews are one way to build the trust of your audience in your products or services. If you have good reviews from people who have previously used your products or enjoyed your services. Do not hesitate to chip it in. This way, your audience would be more than willing to purchase your product.

STEP 8- We all know a 5 minutes online video would still not be able to encompass the usefulness of your product and this is where a link comes in.

Figure out what the ideal video length is for your platform with:
YouTube: 2 minutes
Twitter: 45 seconds
Instagram: 30 seconds
Facebook: 1 minute

You could put a link below your online video directing customers to your products/service. Let’s not forget graphics, you could add pop ups to your video so, as people watch, they can also read the extra information on the pop ups. Although, this is not compulsory.

With the steps above, why not attempt that online video advertisement and see your product or services hit the market.

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